We arrived at Jellystone in torrential rain. We were planning on tent camping, but as none of us were seasoned campers asked for a cabin. We were only staying one night and they were able to accommodate us. The cabin was nice. We were able to swim in the outdoor pool (during a rain break). We got to see all the chipmunks (very cute). The best part of our stay though was the kind and considerate staff. My son wanted to build a fire. The rain had taken a break and we went to get firewood at the Ranger Station. They had just closed. Two Staff members were at the Game Room and I asked if there was any way to get firewood. They said sure! A gentleman took the wood to our cabin for us. I followed the other staff member to the Ranger Station to pay and she said I could pay the next day. My son LOVED the fire and we got to make a great memory! I would stay here again and recommend Jellystone to anyone in the area!

dramatispersonaeAurora, Colorado