While you likely know that a good pair of walking shoes is a must for any trip to a National Park, there are quite a few things that you should not do or bring during your visit. Thousands of people flock to Estes Park, Colorado every year to partake in Rocky Mountain National Park camping. Disasters in national parks, even those highly patrolled, happen every year — everything from dehydration to deadly falls from cliffs. Avoid the dangers and follow these tips to keep yourself safe and sound during your adventures in the park.

1. DO NOT run out of gas. There are some long stretches of roads out here in the mountains where you may not see a gas station for miles and don’t even think about cell phone service!

2. DO NOT forget to drink water. At our higher elevations, you’ll likely find yourself more thirsty. Don’t ignore your body! The Mayo Clinic notes that the general “8 x 8” rule — eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day — needs to be supplemented with an additional two cups if you’re exercising or in a high-altitude environment.

3. DO NOT push yourself too hard! We know you want to see everything within the day or two that you’re here, but it’s not worth the risk of exhaustion, dehydration, or worse.

4. DO NOT leave the trail! Let’s repeat that: DON’T leave the trail. There’s a reason why there are trails through these parks, and an even better reason why they’re marked by the National Park Service: the footing off-trail is often slippery and dangerous.