Going on an RV trip with your family is something everyone should do at some point in their life. Whether you are driving across the country or exploring the parks in your home state, there is sure to be plenty of fun occur. However, a trip in the RV with the entire family can get a little expensive. That is unless you have all of the best advice for how to make your adventure more affordable. At Jellystone of Estes, we have seen many RV owners and their families in the middle of their adventures and so naturally we know what you should do to stay within your budget as you travel. Below you can uncover just a few tricks of the trade that will make your moving vacation one that won’t break your bank.


If you were going to eat fast food everyday of your vacation, why in the world did you buy an RV with a kitchen? Cooking your own food in your RV kitchen is sure to save you a ton of money over the course of your trip. Crockpot meals are a fantastic way to make large portions to feed the entire family. Not to mention, you are likely to have leftovers for meals in the future. Other easy meals like making sandwiches and wraps not only are filling and great for fast lunches but they also are extremely inexpensive to make.

AVOID EXPENSIVE CAMPSITESdreamstime_xxl_22618788

At Jellystone of Estes Park, our fees are very reasonable. However, we realize this is not the case everywhere and RV parks often charge insane prices for you to set up camp. Make it so that your rig has everything it needs to work properly without hook ups or access to water for at least a week. This way, the world can be your RV park and it’s free!


If something minor happens to your RV while you are on the road, repairs could cost you a ton of the money you were planning on spending elsewhere. That is why it is extremely important to read about how to fix small issues by yourself. This also requires you keep a basic toolbox in your rig, which will save you money and come in handy more than you know.


When you drive less you are clearly going to save money on gasoline. However, you also will want to avoid driving when the wind is high as this can kill the amount of fuel mileage you get. You will also not want to drive over 55mph often as this will use up your gas extremely quickly.

Wherever you are heading, we hope you have a safe, successful and budget friendly RV trip. If you happen to make it out to Colorado, we would love to see you at Jellystone of Estes Park. Contact us today to find out when we have openings for you and your family to come spend a few fun-filled days at our wonderful park!