When vacationers usually think of the word “camping,” chances are they think of camping in the wilderness in a tent and a sleeping bag. But that’s not always the case! Across the country, there are plenty of RV parks that can offer a whole new camping experience.

Seeing the world in an RV can bring your family camping experience to a whole new level. Your family will be able to see everything they want during the day, then be able to retire to the RV at night and not have to worry about setting up a tent, sleeping on the ground, or cooking only over a fire. Plus, a recent survey found that a family of four that travels by RV on a vacation can save a full 23% to 59% on their overall vacation cost.

So with this in mind, traveling with RVs can be a great time for the entire family. But just make sure to pack the following items in order to be as prepared as possible.

Cleaning and sanitation products

Your RV is a miniature version of your home when you’re on vacation so it’s important you keep it clean and tidy as possible. Some items to bring include:


  • Large and small garbage bags


  • All purpose disinfectant wipes


  • Laundry soap


  • A dish drying rack


  • A small broom and dustpan


  • Tissues


  • A mop with disposable pads


  • Dish soap, sponges, and dish rags



One of the best parts of traveling in an RV is that you’ll be able to bring along a ton of games and activities. Don’t forget to also bring some rainy day activities. Some indoor days can be great for relaxing, reading and snuggling up!


  • Bicycles, or other outdoor items such as skateboards.


  • Swimming accessories — tubes, noodles, rafts, googles


  • Cards, dominoes, puzzles, board games


  • A volleyball net, with volleyballs and badmittion rackets


  • A hammock and a book!


  • Fishing gear


Daily Necessities

While spending time in your RV is comfortable, you won’t have some necessary comforts of home. So here are some items not to forget:

    • Flashlights


    • Insect reprellent


    • Sunscreen


    • Lounge chairs


    • Duct tape


So go ahead and get ready for a great family camping trip Rving! Don’t forget to make your reservation for next year as well!