“I-25! I-25!” Let’s be honest, as kids we all loved playing bingo, we even love it as adults! But times have changed, there are no longer bar and grills that host bingo nights for the whole family, there are fewer and fewer bingo halls, and worst of all there is little to no sales of bingo games at our favorite convenience stores. Jellystone Park however, knows how much fun we all had as kids playing bingo with our family, so we’ve created the ultimate kids version of bingo to bring the spark we remember from our own lives, into the eyes of our children.

Why is our bingo better than just a regular bingo halls bingo? Well, ours it candy bar bingo. For just a small fee, you and the whole family can play bingo for hours for single candy bars, multiple candy bars and best of all… baskets of candy bars! Your kids will go crazy for our campground in Estes Park CO, knowing that they can play games for candy.

The fact of the matter is that not enough kids grow up playing fun memory enhancing, confidence boosting, and educational games anymore! Jellystone wants to change that, and bring all the fun of old and new school games right to your fingertips. As a campground we offer more than just candy bar bingo (although it is a family favorite), we also offer mini-golf, outdoor laser tag, horseshoe pits, basketball courts, ceramics, arcade alley, karaoke, dances, hiking trails, scavenger hunts and movie nights!