The region in and around Rocky Mountain National Park, including the town of Estes Park, offers a wide variety of activities that allow visitors to enjoy our magnificent mountain beauty. In addition to the more than 350 miles of hiking trails at the park, there are numerous opportunities for other pursuits including fishing and climbing. If you find yourself camping near Rocky Mountain National Park, here are some things you need to do.

Rocky Mountain National Park indulges those who are unable, or perhaps just unwilling, to hike the trails. There exists a very delicately built park road system  that enables people to tour some the the most amazing scenery all from the solace of your car. There are even 11 miles of road built above the tree line.

The park also offers over 250 miles of trails for those who like to ride on horseback. Riding through the park on horseback you just might discover that larger wildlife, like elk for example, are less timid around humans on a horse. So should you opt to see the abundant wildlife on the back of a horse, be prepared to be awed.

Estes Park is the gateway town to Rocky Mountain National Park and offers more than just fabulous restaurants and shopping. One of the better known attractions is the Stanley Hotel, a sparkling white landmark that overlooks the town and lures visitors from all over the world. The ascending crags that circle this nifty town are on the A list for rock climbers. Estes Park also offers mountain biking, peaceful boating and various weekend festivities.

If you are looking for an exciting and memorable vacation, Rocky Mountain National Park should be your destination.