If you are a brand new RV owner, you may be getting excited about the warmer months and all the adventures you will likely be taking during them. However, if you want to know what you are talking about while you are on your great RV adventures, you may want to consider learning the slang that those people who have been in the “RV Club” for years use. Yes, that’s right, those people who RV owners have their very own slang and before you visit Jellystone of Estes Park, you should know what the majority of these words mean so that you don’t make it clear that you are a brand new RV owner. Below discover a list a slang terms that will help you understand what people are referring to your RV.

Cockpit- The driver’s seat and surrounding areas.

Basement- This is the storage beneath the floor of the RV. It can normally be reached from the outside.

Dinghy (or Toad) – This is the vehicle that is towed behind the RV.

Full Hook Up- This is a campsite that provides you with electricity, sewer and water amenities.

Galley- This is the kitchen inside the RV.

Black Water Tank- This is the tank that holds all the water and waste from the toilet.

Genset- The electric generator used by the motor home.

Rig- This is another way to refer to your motor home.

Full-Timers- These are people who are RV owners and who live in their RV all the time or the majority of the time.

Snowbirds- These are people who are RV owners who live in their RVs in the South during the winter and then move North when the warmer weather takes over the southern states