You may enjoy camping very much at a mental level, but did you know that your body physically responds to spending time out in the wilderness? That’s right. As humans we need fresh air and nature in order to be at the very top of our physical well being. There are so many advantages to spending time outside, especially extended amounts of time. Below discover how you will be becoming healthier on your next camping trip.

  1. Your Biological Clock Will Reset
    There is a natural circadian rhythm that has control over our sleep cycle. With things like technology and artificial lighting, these clocks have been skewed. When you get away from all the screen and bulbs, you are able to obtain normal sleep patterns once again and return to your natural circadian rhythm. You will not only sleep more soundly while camping but you will wake up feeling far better than you do at home.
  2. You Will Experience an Increase in Serotonin
    Produced by our bodies in order to make us feel happier, Serotonin is something that is easily obtained when you spend time in nature. This is because your body is exposed to more clean oxygen, sunlight and overall more physical activity which is naturally known to increase the chemical serotonin and make you happier overall.
  3. Increase Your Problem Solving Skills
    Nothing ever goes exactly as planned on a camping trip. When something goes wrong or a problem arises, you are then forced to problem solve on your feet. The best part is that the more you go camping, the more you will learn how to solve problems more quickly and become more savvy overall in the world of the outdoors.

So do you and your body some good by planning a trip to Jellystone of Estes Park this spring or summer. You will love exploring our campground and surrounding areas! We know it!