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People Are Still Tent Camping, & For Good Reason

While Jellystone of Estes Park has wonderfully comfortable rental cabins and plenty of RV parking ground, we don’t want to discredit the amount of fun that can be had tent camping. If you are not used to tent camping, however, you may be a little cautious when planning to do so. Luckily, Jellystone of Estes Park knows all of the very best tips for enjoying a tent camping experience.

TIP #1: SPRINGBAR STYLE TENTS ARE YOUR FRIENDYogi Bear's Jellystone Park People Are Still Tent Camping, & For Good Reason

Springbar style tents are easy to set up and keep up. While there are other tents that will work perfectly fine, this style is full-proof when it comes to setting them up. Not to mention, it doesn’t have that annoying center pole that helps it stay up so your tent will be especially spacious.


Weather can be extremely unpredictable, especially when you have planned a weekend around being outdoors. While your tent is likely already waterproof, you can’t really predict how waterproof it is until it begins to rain, and that is a terrible time to learn that your tent leaks. Just in case, always bring an extra tarp that can either be used to protect the bottom of the tent from wet soggy ground, or to put above the tent to prevent rain entering the top.


You might think that camping in the summer will ensure you will be warm when you are sleeping but this is not necessarily true. Temperatures tend to drop during the summer, especially if you are camping in the mountains. Always be prepared and remember to bring blankets as well as extra socks and jackets.

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