In our last blog we mentioned the views our campgrounds in Estes Park, CO will give you as a guest. If you are on vacation to enjoy these stunning views and to embark on a journey through Rocky Mountain National Park’s forest, you are in the right place. At Jellystone of Estes Park, we have all of the amenities you could ever dream about, including hiking.

Hiking is definitely a favorite pastime for many residents of Colorado. If you want to live like a Coloradan for a day, we recommend the following trails to help you experience a hiking trip like never before.

  • Hallett Peak- This hike is easier than Longs Peak, but it is a perfect hike to satisfy the “summit fever” you’re feeling. This hike is a great opportunity to summit at 12m,713 feet without creating a dangerous exposure to scary drop-offs.
  • Chasm Lake- This is one of the most beautiful hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park to satisfy your hiking cravings. You will not only be able to experience absolutely outstanding panoramic views, but you’ll be able to take a look up close and personal at the Longs Peak “diamond”.
  • Sky Pond- This hike is stunning and offers a visit to two waterfalls with other dramatic views. This great hike is perfect for beginners and can be taken to another trail called Timberline Falls to make your way up a more challenging hike.

We hope the above three hikes are a start to help give you a few ideas on which trails to create adventure on while visiting our Estes Park campground.