There are so many things to do here at Jellystone Park Camping Resort in Estes Park that even if you stayed several weeks, boredom would never overcome you. However, when you build a paradise within a paradise then people will want to venture out to see what is going on in the world. There is plenty to keep you entertained at Jellystone, but there are amazing places and things in and around Estes Park as well. Here are just a few examples of what you can discover in and around the town of Estes Park.

Shopping in downtown Estes Park is truly a unique experience and offers something for just about anybody. Mom will certainly love the jewelry shops, dad will love the wide range of restaurants and the kids will love everything from the galleries to the candy shops. It is a great way to spend the day.


There are more places to hike and fish than you can shake a rod at. The Big Thompson river is home to one of the most beautiful species of fish, the Rainbow Trout. Whether you enjoy fly fishing or casting a spinner, there are plenty of these lovely fish to catch. As far as hiking, there are literally dozens upon dozens of trials for all skill levels around Estes Park.

Don’t let that winter snow keep you from enjoying the great outdoors as there are guided snowshoe tours through Rocky Mountain National Park. Spend your day trekking through the glorious wilderness spotting wildlife and breathing the cool, crisp air.

Join us on your next trip and explore the finest surroundings Colorado has to offer.