We all are quite aware that camping is an enjoyable activity for the entire family. But we are willing to bet you aren’t aware of the health benefits camping has to offer. We aren’t talking about your basic exercise and fresh air benefits, it dwells much deeper than that. So next time you visit our Estes Park campgrounds, you are doing your body, mind and soul a great favor.

In our modern, technology-driven world, we are always rushing around, multitasking and generally wearing ourselves and our bodies out. Camping not only gets you away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routines, it positively impacts your health.

As humans, we have a natural Circadian Rhythm that controls our sleep cycles and patterns. The glow of electronics as well as other artificial light sources negatively impact our inner clocks, thus forcing us into abnormal sleep patterns. Camping helps you reset your inner clocks, allowing a healthy synchronization. This natural reset will leave you feeling better rested and full of energy for the day’s events.

Camping isn’t your typical activity, it takes planning and other thought provoking considerations. Basically, camping jump starts your brain by giving you problems you don’t see every day. The use of your cognitive skills utilized while camping will help you prepare for complex problems in the real world.

While we are sure you do your best to consume a healthy diet, the temptation of McDonald’s can be overwhelming at times. When camping, you are more or less removed from these temptations. Camping often leads to healthy food intake when you include granola, fish and berries in your diet.

If you are feeling sluggish, consider booking a site for next season.