There are many people who associate a family trip with beaches, an amusement park or a cheap hotel. While there are no doubt many thousands upon thousands of families that suffer their vacations this way, you decided to think outside the box and have booked a camping trip in Estes Park. Good for you, we couldn’t agree more that this was a great decision. But if you still plan on taking your family on a traditional trip this coming year, here is what you will discover.

That hotel you will likely stay during your vacation will only remind you too much of home. Once the kids get settled, they will no doubt hoard every available outlet as well as the WiFi bandwidth to ensure they can post every useless activity carried out during the day. A camping trip will enable the family to unplug for awhile, enjoy other activities that don’t require updates and refreshes.

Camping is an activity for the entire family that doesn’t discriminate. You can opt to stay in a big city, where much of the activities are for older children or adults. Even amusement parks have height requirements on many rides, leaving George Junior sad and humiliated. At Jellystone Park, we have no height requirements for anything.

Speaking of amusement parks, you will spend more time standing in lines than actually partaking in the rides. Also, one day at an amusement park will likely cost more than an entire week of camping. Plus, who needs all the overpriced, garbage quality food served in those places?

For fun that can be enjoyed by the entire family, book your camping trip now.