Once a year people set aside their pride and think of way they can potentially improve themselves or their lives in order to be the best they possibly can. If you love to camp, perhaps this year you should make some New Year’s resolutions that will help to improve your overall camping experiences. Whether you resolve to go camping more often or simply get better at camping skills, you can definitely make it so that this year’s camping trips will be superior to those trips that have occurred in years past. Below are just a few ideas as to what you can focus on where camping is concerned in 2016.

  1. Try Some New Outdoor Activities
    Whether you are a great outdoorsman or not, you should broaden your horizons where camping activities are concerned this year. This could mean trying to fish, hike or a number of other things that you have never tried to do before. You may even find that this new activity is something you thoroughly enjoy and continue to participate in it on every camping trip thereafter.
  2. Learn How to Pitch an Actual Tent
    Many people rely solely on tents that they purchase at outdoors stores that are fairly easy to assemble. This year, teach yourself how to pitch a tent that is made for your convenience. Even if you never have to use this skill, it’s a great one to have should you find yourself tent-less at any point.
  3. Forget About Technology Entirely
    People have found a way to keep connected even when they are out in the wilderness. The next time you go camping, turn off your phone and leave it in the car. There is no need for you to have your phone on you. After all, the whole point is to get back to nature and how can you do that while staring at a screen?