dreamstime_xxl_1827218When you are camping or hiking, it is often important to prepare for not having a reliable and constant source of water. Many campers have experienced the awful occurrence of suffering dehydration while on a camping or backpacking trip. In order to keep you and your family safe and hydrated on your next camping trip it is not only important to know the symptoms of dehydration but also how to prevent it from happening or worsening in some cases.

The very first and most important sign of dehydration is simply being thirsty. Your body becomes thirsty when it is in need of water, this is the entire point of triggers like having a dry mouth. You may also notice that you haven’t had the need to urinate quite as frequently as you normally do. This is also a sign that your body is in need of water. Other symptoms your body may exhibit if you are dehydrated are as follows: Lightheadedness, lethargy, headache, dry skin and general weakness in your body. In the most extreme cases people will lose consciousness or become delirious.

In order to prevent yourself from experiencing dehydration, it is important to always ensure that you have packed enough water to maintain hydration in the case that there is nowhere for you to refill containers used for holding water like bottles or camelbaks. Drinking water for several hours before you engage in strenuous physical activity will also prevent dehydration.

We want to make sure that when you visit Jellystone Park of Estes that everything goes swimmingly and nothing prevents you from having the best time. Be sure to stay hydrated the next time you make a trip to our campground!