If you have never had an enjoyable experience sleeping in a tent, then you may not think it is possible. We know how you feel. Waking up in a tent, cold and/or wet is never something fun to experience. However, this does not have to be what happens every time you sleep under the stars. In fact, you can begin to enjoy sleeping in a tent so much that you won’t even want to get back in your bed. Below discover how to get the most out of sleeping in your tent on your next camping trip.

  1. GETTING YOUR SLEEPING BAG WARMdreamstime_xxl_27877468

    While it would be nice if your sleeping bag naturally heated itself, that is unfortunately not how sleeping bags work. Instead they are designed to keep you warm once your own natural body heat has filled the bag. In order to prevent freezing when you first get into the bag, try to warm yourself up beforehand by either sitting in front of a fire or taking a quick jog around your campsite.


    There is nothing worse than waking up to discover that the walls of your tent and underneath your sleeping mat is completely soaked with condensation. In order to prevent condensation from occurring, try leaving any vents in your tent open so that water vapor does not build up overnight.


    Often, it is difficult to keep your sleeping bag clean after occupying it for a few nights.  Often insulated bags cause people to sweat through the night which leave a less-than-lovely smell. In order to avoid your bag getting soaked with sweat, try wearing long johns to bed so that they instead absorb your sweat. This will keep you bag much cleaner.