So you’re new to camping? No worries! We were all newbies at the campground at one point or another and there is no time like the present to change that! There are a few things you should know before you set out on your first camping adventure. Below you can discover a few tips that will ensure your first trip into the wilderness is a successful one.

  1. GET TENT PRACTICEdreamstime_xxl_46901289

    Everyone thinks that tents are easy as pie to put up when it is their first time, but it won’t be until you have been trying to get your tent up for hours until you realize you may not exactly know what to do. Our advice? Try setting up your tent in your backyard about a week before your trip. This way you can figure out the best way to get your shelter up successfully.


    There is no way of knowing 100% what the weather is going to be like and therefore, it is imperative you are prepared for all situations. Bring ponchos and tarps in case of rain and sunglasses and sunscreen in case it is extra nice during your camping excursion.


    Knowing what meals you are going to eat beforehand is a must. You will be a lot less stressed if you know what you are cooking and that you have everything you need ahead of time for easy and delicious meals.


    Be sure to pack only the necessities. Believe us, you will still be running out of room regardless if you can bring every little thing you want or not.

If the idea of camping in the wilderness for your first time is a bit intimidating for you, we would suggest spending your first outing at Jellystone of Estes Park. You can all the fun of camping without having to give all of the amenities you love in your everyday life.