Summer is here! Have you had time to plan your summer vacation? If you haven’t, consider a family camping vacation. It is a great way to get outside and experience nature all around you!

Plus, camping is quite a versatile option for families and can be a great vacation no matter if you are staying in a cabin rental, RV park, or in a tent.  In fact, a family of four can save between 23%-59% of their vacation cost simply by traveling by RV on vacation!

Tent camping can seem overwhelming, especially for those that are new to it. To keep the nerves at bay, here are some great camping hacks any camper should know.

    • No matter what, don’t forget the tinfoil. You can cook pretty much everything on a campfire if you bring along a roll of aluminum foil with you to your campsite. All you need is some creativity and you’ll be set to have a ton of great meals during your trip.


    • Your phone can be charged by the sun. Even though there may not be a WiFi connection on your campsite, you will probably find yourself reaching for your camera to snap some pictures. A solar phone charger will come in handy when you are snapping those precious Kodak moments.


    • An emergency blanket can keep your tent cool. The same silver coating that keeps you warm during cold temperatures is perfect for reflecting the sunlight off your tent. This is a great solution for when your tent becomes hot and stuffy.


    • If you waterproof anything, make it your matches. This goes no matter if you are staying in cabin rentals or in a tent — there is water everywhere and you want to keep it far away from your matches! So take them out of their matchboxes and put them in sturdy plastic containers, such as an old pill container.


    • Pack single-use soap Keep things easy by cutting down your soap into smaller pieces that can be used once. This saves you from having to deal with soggy bars of soap and bulky travel bags!


    • Bring coffee on the road with you.Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a nice cup of coffee. Simply measure out coffee grounds into separate coffee filters, and you’ll be able to pop them in hot water every morning.