Far too many families today only spend time together by bonding over the TV. This is an unhealthy way to live as a family, which is why you should consider some more productive family activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Please view your list of some great active family activities to try this year.

Go on a family camping trip

Family camping trips can be amazing for everyone involved. Too many people are stuck indoors nowadays and never have fun with each other doing outdoor activities. Camping can be a great bonding experience for you and your family and you’ll be able to do so many more active activities than just telling campfire stories, too.

You and your family can enjoy some outdoor adventures like climbing, canoeing, rowing, fishing, hunting, and even setting up a tent can burn calories and be healthy activities for you and the family. If you weigh 155 pounds, for example, canoeing will burn 281 calories an hour, in addition, a 205 pound person can burn a total of 373 calories an hour canoeing.

Whether you’re enjoying your family camping trip by tenting, in RV parks, or cabin rentals, as long as you and your family are spending some time in nature during your trip, you’ll all end up having a great and healthy time.

Go skiing or snowboarding together

If your family is more of a cold winter family, skiing and snowboarding trips can be just what you need. Don’t just spend the entire trip locked inside cabins with the TV on, however, you and your family need to really get outside and enjoy yourselves. Leave your phones behind and enjoy the snow all day long. Spend hours on end on the slopes and enjoy your trip.

Cook some delicious meals together

It sounds silly and might even lead to some serious issues if your teenager starts working the oven (yikes), but if you take cooking classes together as a family and really take it seriously, you can all bond over cooking a nice and healthy meal.

Don’t just be one of those boring families that never talk unless it’s a commercial break as they watch TV. Get outside or spend some time doing something productive and healthy as a family.