While all camping trips are a great way to spend a week or even just a short weekend, they do require different types of planning depending on the season. With fall sneaking up on us in the next couple of weeks, we thought we could help those of you who are planning an autumn camping trip with just a few basic tips. Continue reading to find out what they are.

dreamstime_xxl_9990423DECIDE WHERE YOU ARE GOING

Technically yes, you can go anywhere you like, but the truth is, you don’t want to be anywhere that could possibly get three feet of snow in October. If we had a say in it, we would suggest that you start planning your trip to Jellystone of Estes Park. Not only do we have a campground where you can set up your tent, but you can also rent a cabin or bring an RV if you so choose.


When is comes to packing camping supplies and materials in any season, you want to check and double check that you will have everything you need before you head out on your adventure. There is nothing worse than getting to a campsite only to realize that you forgot your flashlight, or even worse, your water supply.


The entire point of camping is to spend as much time surrounded by wilderness as possible. Go on hikes, climb trees, observe animals and plants all around you. At Jellystone of Estes Park, we have dozens of outdoor activities that you can participate in while you are staying at our campground. You can go horseback riding or have a picnic next to a lovely scenic mountain view. Whatever you do, just take it all in. You’ll be happy that you did.