In our last post, we began to tell you about some s’mores recipes you may not have been familiar with before. We want your end-of-summer and beginning-of-fall camping trips to be filled with plenty of new things, including new s’mores recipes. Continue reading below for the conclusion of our two part blog series!


dreamstime_xxl_29656144For those adults who love s’mores just as much as their kids, the peanut butter and bourbon s’mores will surely put a smile on your faces. Combining peanut butter and bourbon, this recipe does get a little bit complicated. But don’t worry! You can see the entire thing here.


Another kid-friendly option, the Elvis version of s’mores imitated “The King’s” favorite meal: a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Make your typical s’more, but add a tablespoon of peanut butter and a couple of banana slices for a desert you will love!


Many people do not like graham crackers and this recipe is perfect for them. Rather than piling everything on a cracker and not enjoying it, or attempting to put your marshmallow on the chocolate and eat it before the whole thing turns into a gooey mess in your hands, use pretzels as your base. The added salt of the pretzel also makes it even more enjoyable that the original.

Stop in Jellystone of Estes Park today and make any kind of s’mores you like! Just remember to share! The staff and other campers are big fans of s’mores as well!