It’s likely been months since you’ve even thought about grilling out, but with spring finally here, you may need to consider how you plan on cooking while you are camping this summer. After all, just because you do not have access to a kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious meals. Below you can discover a few different methods to consider using while you are staying at Jellystone of Estes Park on your next camping trip.

Box Oven Cooking– A box oven is constructed from a wooden or cardboard box. You can prep these meals ahead of time and simply place it in the box  over a fire.

Dutch Oven Cooking– You may already have a dutch oven in your kitchen which will make this method one of the easiest ways for you to prepare meals while you are in the wilderness. Place charcoal and wood in a metal container to start the fire and simply place the dutch oven on top of the fire with the lid on tight and let it cook.

Foil Cooking- Wrap your food in high quality foil and cook directly on the charcoal until the foil is glowing. Make sure that the food is sealed tightly and that there are no holes in your packages.

Charcoal Cooking- This is the most common method of cooking that people use when they are camping. An upright barbecue grill contains the charcoal (in brick form most often) or it can be placed on the ground. Once the fire is lit , the charcoal will become red at night or light grey during the day at which time it is then okay to place the food on the fire.